16-Port 19 Combo Daisy-Chain Console KVM


With optional IP KVM or Cat. 5 Remote Console Ports




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1-to-2 D-Type 1.8M USB Cable Photo


1-to-3 D-Type 1.8M PS/2 Cable Photo








The UKS8116-ROT, 19 combo PS/2 and USB KVM Switch with one IP KVM and Cat. 5 remote console optional port, is a 16-port electronic switching devices for controlling 16 PCs and up to 8192 PCs with daisy chain function from one keyboard, one mouse, and one VGA monitor. The KVM switch has complete keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous PCs boot-up process. To switch between PCs can be accomplished in two ways: through keyboard hot Key commands or by using the convenient Select Push Buttons control.

With the CAT5-based remote console module, you can remotely control servers and computers 1000 feet away. In other words, you can locate your monitor, keyboard and mouse up to 1000 feet away from KVM switch. The built-in CAT5 transmitter synthesizes VGA monitor and keyboard/mouse signals, and transmit the signals to the remote CAT5receiver over the popular LAN CAT5 cable.

With the IP-Based remote console module that can control one or many computers locally at the server site or remotely via the internet using a standard browser. You can securely gain BIOS level access to systems for maintenance, support or failure recovery over the internet.Communication is secure via SSL encryption.

The KVM switch also provides the best convenience for users who have multiple desktop computers and/or notebooks; or power users who need control multiple servers from one console. It saves your equipment cost, time, space, power, and provides the best convenience of operation.



  • 16-port combo USB and PS/2 interface connection

  • Supports one local console plus one optional remote console for IP KVM or Cat. 5 KVM module

  • Supports Daisy Chain function with Bus (8-layer) and Tree (2-layer) topologies

  • Supports two levels of password security protection

  • Convenient switch buttons & user definable hot-key

  • Supports hot-plug for adding or removing PCs

  • Auto-scan & LED display for easy status monitoring

  • Supports multi-platform and no software required

  • Supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware and DOS

  • Supports iMAC, Power MAC and SUN Micro System with USB port

  • Supports ACL (Access Control List) security function store up to 8 independent ACLs of controllable
    computer list

  • Autoscan for quick browsing of all connected PCs

  • Plug-&-Play without any software configuration


Application Diagram

16-port 19 Combo KVM Front and Back Panel Diagram


16-port 19 Combo KVM Front and Back Panel Indicator


16-port 19 Combo KVM with CAT5 Module Application Diagram


16-port 19 Combo KVM with IP KVM Module Application Diagram



System Specifications  


16-port USB and PS/2 Rackmount combo KVM with optional remote console port

PC Connettion


Console Connettion

1 x Local console
1 x Optional Modules for CAT5-Based or IP-Based Remote Console

PC Port Connettion

3-to 1 HDB15

Console Port Connettion

USB Keyboard

USB Mouse


Daisy Chain Port Connector

DB15 Female Type

Flash Port

DC2.5F for Firmware Upgrade

PC Selection

Hot Key (Scroll-Lock / Caps-Lock / Num-Lock / Alt / Ctrl / Win )Push Buttons OSD ( On Screen Display )

Auto Scan Intervals

5 ~ 99 seconds

VGA Resolution(Local)

1920 x 1440

VGA Resolution (Remote Console)

1680 x 1050 for Cat.5-Based 500 feet remote console (ET101-C01)
1280 x 1024 for Cat. 5-Based 1000 feet remote console (ET101-C04)
1600 x 1200 for IP-Based Remote Console

Max. Distance

16 feet (5m) KVM Switch to Host

Computer Port LEDs

2 LEDs per Host Port: ONLINE (Red), SELECT (Blue)

7-Seg LED

1 Set of 7-Segment LED Display for Bank Information

On Screen Display (OSD)

Support 8 Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese


Provide ACL (Access Control List) Security Function, Store up to 8 Independent ACLs of Controllable Computer List

IP-Based Remote Module

RJ-45 8P8C for 10/100M Ethernet DB-9 male for Configuration Console, Modem, Null Modem, and Serial Power Control Mini USB 2.0 Receptacle

Cat. 5-Based Remote Module

RJ-45 Connector CAT5 Console up to 1000 feet away from KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB Signals Capability

Daisy Chain Function

Daisy Chain with both BUS (8-layer) and Tree (2-layer) topologies

Max. Connected Computers

Up to 8192

Keyboard Emulation

PS/2 or USB

Mouse Emulation

PS/2 or USB


Hardware Specifications  


19 Rackmount, 1U




444.5 (L) x 160 (W) x 44.3 (H) mm


2.34 kg

Operating Temperature

0° C ~ 50° C

Storage Temperature

-20° C ~ 60° C

Operating Humidity

0% ~ 80% non-condensing

Power Supply

12VDC, 1A, External Power Adapter


120 (L) x 90 (W) x 29 (H) mm







Package Contents

  • One 16-port combo KVM switch

  • One CD-ROM (User Manual, QIG)

  • One AC to DC Power Adapter

  • One Rackmount Kit

  • One Footpads Set

  • One DC2.5M to DB9F Cable



Ordering Information




16-port 19 Combo USB & PS/2 KVM switch with optional IP/Cat. 5 console port


1-port IP KVM module for model UKS8108-ROT/8116-ROT


1-port Cat. 5 module for model UKS8108-ROT/8116-ROT


1-to-2 D-Type 1.8m USB Cable for model UKS8104-D4T/8108-ROT/8116-ROT


1-to-3 D-Type 1.8m PS/2 Cable for model UKS8104-D4T/8108-ROT/8116-ROT


1-to-3 D-Type 3m PS/2 Cable for model UKS8104-D4T/8108-ROT/8116-ROT


1-to-3 D-Type 5m PS/2 Cable for model UKS8104-D4T/8108-ROT/8116-ROT


PS/2 to USB Converter for cable UKC8300-18PT


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