VPN Firewall 4-USB Ports Broadband Router


QoS and Printer/Web Cam/FTP Server




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The VPN Firewall 4-USB Ports Broadband Router is designed to meet the requirements for multimedia applications. Not only it is the router with VPN/Firewall capability but also come with the ability to connect with several USB devices via its 4 USB 2.0 ports for wide range of applications. With its built-in Print Server, Web Cam Server and FTP Server, the term of “resource sharing” is now truly defined.

For security, the UIS1404-SU is a well-armed router designed for both home and business users. It protects your data securely within the firewall and as well as outside the firewall when transmitted on Internet. Firewall features included true SPI firewall, Denial of Service (DoS), Access control. The IPSec VPN capability provides secure 3DES encryption to allow establishment of VPN tunnel between two end points up to 100 VPN tunnels.

Have you ever suffer from bandwidth problem when one of the LAN users is using bandwidth-hungry P2P download applications? The QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth management provides the total solution to this problem. By assigning pre-defined bandwidth value to specific application according to its importance, you are in complete control of efficiently managing the bandwidth of your broadband connection within the LAN network.



  • One 10/100M WAN for ADSL/Cable Modem connection

  • 4-Port 10/100M Switch for LAN connection

  • 4-Port USB 2.0 for Printer/ FTP/ Web Cam server

  • WAN Connection type of DHCP client, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, Telstra BigPond, L2TP

  • Software VPN for high performance throughput up to 100 VPN tunnels

  • Firewall with Packet Filtering, Denial of Service (DoS) Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Access Control, Real Time Log

  • True Content Filtering with Keyword Filtering, URL Filtering and IP Filtering

  • Management with Web-based interface

  • Firmware upgrade

  • System clock setting

  • Supports USB devices with Printers, USB Web Cam, USB Hard Disk, USB Pen Disk, MP3 Player, Digital Camera, USB Media Reader



Multifunctional USB VPN/Firewall Router Application

The VPN Firewall 4-USB Ports Broadband Router WAN port can be connected to ADSL or Cable Modem for Internet sharing. A 4-port switch serves to Ethernet clients and a 4-Port USB supports USB devices sharing.



Software Specifications

Quick Setup

WAN Connection Type: DHCP, Static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP
WAN IP address Default Gateway, DNS Server
LAN IP Address, Password, Network Time Protocol


LAN Interface: IP address, Subnet Mask
WAN Interface: MAC, MTU, Connection type

Content Filtering

Keyword Filtering: Decompress, Drop, Log, No Case
URL Blocking: Domian name, IP address, port number
Trusted IP: IP address or range, Port number or range
Port Checking

DHCP Server

IP Range, Lease time, Max-Lease, Show DHCP clients

Dynamic DNS

DynDNS.org: EnableDisable, User/Password/Host/Wildcard/MX
ODS.org: EnableDisable, User/Password/Host


Rule: Name, Allow/Deny/Disable, Direction, Source Address, Service
Remote Management
Block WAN Echo-Request
WAN Protection

Virtual Server

IP Sharing, NAT Loopback, DMZ Host, UPnP Function, UPnP Firewall

Bandwidth Manage

Upstream QoS and Bandwidth Control
Upstream IP Grouping Bandwidth Control
Upstream Application Bandwidth Control
Application: VPN, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, IRC, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, Real Time Streaming Protocol, SOCKS, Microsoft Streaming Media Services Protocol, H.323/Netmeeting, Quake III Arena, FTP, SMTP, eDonkey/eMule, BitTorrent, Kazza, Bearshare, Gnutella


VPN Tunnel, Pre-shared Key, IPSEC SPI, PPTP
Local/Remote Secure Group: IP Address/Mask
Remote Secure Gateway: IP Address, FQDN 
Encryption: 3DES
Authentication: MD5/SHA1
Encapsulation: Tunnel/Transport
Key Management: Auto(IKE), PFS, Pre-Shared Key, Key Lifetime

Static Routes

Routing Table, ARP Table, Host Name Table

Mail Monitoring

Mail Group Settings: 6  
E-Mail Server Setting

Web Camera

Motion Detection Configuration: Webcam Server, Motion Detection, Record
Schedule Setting: Start/Stop time
Mail Setting: Mail Server, Mail Address, User Name, Password
Web Cam Live display

FTP Server

USB storage device setting
Status: Account, Remote IP, Time, Filename, Operation

System Maintenance

Network Name, Domain Name, Domain Lookup, Management Timeout, DNS x 3
Password Setting
Server Configuration
System Information, CPU Information
Clock Setting: System Clock, Time Zone, NTP Server, Polling Interval
USB Device Information: USB Printer, USB Storage
On-Line Users table
Firmware & Configuration Utility
Ping, TraceRoute Utility
System Log


Restart Router
Save Changes to NV RAM




Hardware Specifications


MIPS 170MHz(Brecis2006)


8MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM


WAN: One 10/100Base-T/TX RJ-45 ports
LAN: Four 10/100Base-T/TX RJ-45 ports
4 * USB 2.0 ports
One reset button for factory default setting

LED Indicator

System: Power, Status, PPPoE, Email
WAN, LAN: Link/Activity, 10/100M


External power adapter, 5VDC, 2.5A


240 (L) x 145 (W) x 30 (H) mm



Operating Temperature

0 ~ 55℃ (32 ~ 131℉)

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 70℃ (-4 ~ 158℉)

Operating Humidity

0 ~ 90% non-condensing


FCC Part 15, Subpart J
CE Mark




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VPN Firewall 4-USB Ports Broadband Router


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