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This device is created as a protection against invaders who will peek into or destroy your internal information. It’s patent pending system architecture and custom designed ASIC provides the most secure solution for critical Enterprise data.

Through user-friendly graphical operating interface in web-page environment, network managers can easily set up the internal security rules based on corporate needs. With the need for greater speed, flexibility, and maintained high levels of security being demanded by businesses, this device is the most secure solution of firewall application.

Easy to Control Bandwidth
This Bandwidth Control Router provides five 10/100Mbit Ethernet network interface ports, all ports auto MDI/MDI-X, which are the Internal/LAN and External/WAN ports. It also provides easily operated software WebUI that allows users to set system parameters or monitor network activities using a web browser.

Security Firewall Features
There are a lot of security functions available in this device, including Content Filter, Proxy Server, Hacker invasion alarm, Packet monitor log, Policy, etc. Especially for hacker attack, it detects SYN attack, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, Ping of Death attack, IP Spoofing Attack, Port Scan attack, Tear Drop attack, Land attack, IP route option.

Easy to Install Hardware
This product is a pure hardware Bandwidth Control Router therefore the installation is much easier than software one. The user need prepare two network cables, and connect them to the LAN and WAN connectors respectively. The LAN interface has to connect to the office’s LAN network on the same HUB/Switch. The WAN interface has to connect with a WAN router, DSL modem, or Cable modem.

Rule-Based Function Setting
The Bandwidth Control Router has a built in WebUI (Web User Interface). All configurations and management are done through the WebUI using an Internet web browser. A menu of functions can be setup with a rule-based policies of your demands.

Network Monitoring Function
The Bandwidth Control Router provides monitoring functions, which contains traffic log, event log, traffic alarm, event alarm, and traffic statistics. Traffic alarm records the packets of hacker invasions. Not only does the Bandwidth Control Router log these attacks, it can be set up to send E-mail alerts to the Administrator automatically for immediate hacker’s invasion crisis management.

Supporting TCP/IP Protocols
The Bandwidth Control Router supports all the TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols, such as HTTP, TELNET, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, PING, etc. System Administrators can set up proprietary protocols according to operating requirements.


  • Easy to use web-based management interface

  • Can be remotely configured using leading Internet browsers or command line interface

  • Real-time monitoring provides traffic detail viewable via Web browser

  • High performance with simultaneous advanced Firewall Rules

  • Support Bandwidth Control

  • Backup / Restore / Reset Firewall Settings

  • Detect Hackers Attack, DoS, IP Spoofing, SYN, ICMP, UDP, Ping of Death, Port Scan, Tear Drop, IP Route, Land

  • Address book / Address group book setting, Service book / Service group book setting

  • Pre-defined service / Custom service group

  • Support Multiple NAT, IP Mapping, Virtual Servers

  • Support Server Load Balancing, Schedule function

  • Traffic Monitoring (Log/Alarm), Event Monitoring (Log/Alarm)

  • IP/MAC address filtering, drop intruding packets

  • Support URL Blocking, Dynamic DNS & DNS proxy



Bandwidth Control Broadband Firewall Router Software Specifications


Supports all the TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols, such as HTTP, TELNET, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, PING, etc.

Hacker Alert

Detect SYN attack, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, Ping of Death attack, IP Spoofing Attack, Port Scan attack, Tear Drop attack, Land attack, IP route option


Admin, Setting, Date/Time, Language, Permitted IPs, Multiple NAT, Hacker Alert, Route Table, DHCP, DNS Proxy, DDNS, Logout and Software Update


LAN: Transparent/NAT mode, Enable Ping/WebUI
WAN: PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, Enable Ping/WebUI, Max. downstream and upstream bandwidth


Add, modify, remove network names of LAN, LAN Group, WAN and WAN Group


Pre-defined services
Custom services
Group of services


Control schedule for policies


Control the outbound Upstream/downstream Bandwidth
Downstream: Guaranteed and Maximum Bandwidth
Upstream: Guaranteed and Maximum Bandwidth
QoS Priority: Priority of bandwidth setting


Outgoing policy: LAN to WAN policy
Incoming policy: WAN to LAN policy
Policy settings include source address, destination address, services, permission, packet log, packet statistics, and flow alarm.

Content Filtering

URL Blocking: Domain name, key word to make rules
General Blocking: Popup, ActiveX, Java, Cookie

Virtual Server

Virtual server: Binds WAN IP ports to LAN IP ports
Mapped IP: Binds a WAN IP to an LAN IP


Traffic log
Event log
Connection log
Log backup


Traffic alarm: Alarm if over threshold value of policy
Event alarm: Alarm when detected attacks from hackers

Accounting Report

Outbound Accounting Report: From LAN to WAN
Inbound Accounting Report: From WAN to LAN


WAN: Downstream, upstream, receive/transmit packet
Policy: Source, Destination, Service, Action, Time


Interface status: LAN interface, WAN interface
ARP table: IP address, MAC address, Interface
DHCP clients: IP address, MAC address, lease time




Bandwidth Control Broadband Firewall Router Hardware Specifications


IEEE802.3, 10BASE-T
IEEE802.3u, 100BASE-TX
IEEE802.3x full duplex operation and flow control


1 * 10/100 RJ-45 WAN port
4 * 10/100 RJ-45 Fast Ethernet switching LAN ports
1 * Factory Reset Button

Cable Connections

RJ-45 (10BASE-T): Category 3,4,5 UTP/STP
RJ-45 (100BASE-TX): Category 5 UTP/STP

LED Indicator

System: Power
Port (LAN/WAN): Speed, Link/Act, FDX/COL


External power adapter, 12VDC, 1A


210 (L) x 148 (W) x 35 (H) mm


Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50C (32 ~ 122F)
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 60C (-4 ~ 140F)
Humidity: 10 ~ 90% non-condensing






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4-Port Bandwidth Control Cable/DSL Broadband Router


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