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Easily Add External USB2.0 Hard Drive to Your Network





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USS4500-E is a stand-alone Network Attached Storage (NAS) device features two USB ports. One port can be used for a USB Flash Drive, and the other can be connected to standard USB hard drive of any size from market. As your storage needs grow, you can simply install a large USB hard drive. This compact size network storage server is a portable and removable device. It provides a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port that is able to connect to a PC as additional personal storage space or add it to a local area network so that everyone on the network can access the drive.


The USS4500-E Network Storage Server provides a fast and easy way to add max. 480Mbps high-speed USB2.0 storage device to your PC at home. It is ideal for sharing Digital photo, movies, music, or other files with friends from your home network.


USS4500-E provides an advanced “ One Touch Copy Button ” feature that user can be simply push “Copy Button” to copy files from USB Port 2 to USB Port I directly. The device is compatible with Windows 95/ 98/ 98SE/ ME/ XP/ 2000/ NT4.0/ MAC OS or Linux. The set-up procedures and operation are simple and user-friendly.


USS4500-E embeds FTP server, Samba server, Web ( HTTP) Server, and Print Server. After connecting your USB storage to the device, members in your LAN will be able to upload/ download files to/ from your USB storage device via “My Neighborhood” or FTP client.  You can also construct a WEB site with the HTTP server to share your files. The embedded printer server also brings you terrific convenience on sharing your printer.



  •  2 * USB2.0/ 1.1 port interface 

  • 1 * 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network LAN port

  • Quickly add external USB2.0 hard drive or flash Disk directly to the network for file backup or file sharing

  • Convenient “Copy Button” to backup or copy files from USB Port 2 to USB port 1

  • Built-in Samba server, FTP Server, and WEB Server

  • 50 password-protected account for authorized users

  • Support Code Page function for multiple language

  • Ideal for Sharing Digital Photos, Movies, Music, or Other Files

  • Supports Fixed IP and DHCP Clients

  • Portable and Removable External Storage Device

  • Compatible with Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/XP/2000/NT4.0/Linux/Mac OS

  • Supports CIFS/SMB for Microsoft Network to Remote Users Easily Retrieve Files Using
     “ My Neighborhood”

  • Supports Accessing Management for 100 Folders

  • Supports uPNP, SNTP for Time Zone



Application Diagram

Instant Flash Drive Backup Application Diagram

Personal Backup Application Diagram


FTP Server Application Diagram

USS4500-E embeds FTP, Samba Web (HTTP), and Print Server. After connecting USB storage to the device, members in the LAN will be able to upload/download files to/from USB storage device via “My Neighborhood” or FTP Client, user can also construct a WEB site with HTTP server to share their files. The Embedded print server also brings terrific convenience on sharing USB printer.


USB Network Storage Server Application Diagram

The Network Storage Server can quickly and easily to add external USB hard drive of any size to the network, and provides authorized users access to their files or backup their data.





System Specifications    

Host Interface

2 * USB2.0/1.1 Ports 
1 * RJ-45 10/100M LAN Port 


Copy, Power, Reset

USB Connection Speed

USB2.0 ( Max. 480Mbps )
USB1.1 ( Max. 12Mbps )

Network Connection Speed

IEEE802.3u: 100/200Mbps
IEEE802.3: 10/20Mbps

Cabling Type

Category 5 Ethernet Cable

Diagnostic LEDs


LAN( Link/ACT )

USB I ( Link )

USB II ( Link )

HDD Full ( Read/Write )
USB Error ( Copy Button Error )

Power Supply

DC 12V/1A External Power Adapter


128(L) x 96.6(W) x 25(H) mm


165 g

EMI Certifications

FCC Class B, CE Class B, VCCI Class B

System Specifications






USB Drive Format

FAT32 ( Read/Write )

Integrated File Server

FTP Server

Samba Server

Web Server
Printer Server

Advanced Feature

50 Password-Protected User Accounts

8 Concurrent Connection

Three Pre-Defined User Authority Levels

Fixed IP and DHCP Clients

Supports Code Page for Multiple Language
Auto-Detection for Newly Install USB Device


User Account Management

Folder and Drive Management

Backup Function

Group Access Management
Firmware Upgrade


High Performance MSP2006 170Mhz Processor

Reset Button: Load Factory Default
LEDs: Power, LAN, USBI, USBII, HDD Full, USB Error


Operating Temperature

0oC to 55oC (32oF to 131oF)

Storage Temperature

-20oC to 70oC (-4oF to 158oF)

Operating Humidity

10% to 95% Non-Condensing

Storage Humidity   

0% to 95% Non-Condensing 



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10/100M Network Storage Server for External USB2.0 Hard Drive


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