Model Size Deccription
UGL2430-U2HA Wireless-N USB2.0 Adapter+5dBi Antenna (1T2R)
UGL2430-VP2 300Mbps Wireless-N 32-bit PCI Adapter (2T2R)
UGL2454-RTMC(v2) 54Mbps Wireless-G 4-Port ADSL2+ Modem Router(Trendchip+Ralink)
UGL2454-01A 54/108Mbps 2.4GHz Wireless LAN -- 32-bit Cardbus PC Card (Atheros)
GL2545-API 54Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point
GL2422-RT 22Mbps Wireless AP Router
GL2422-AP 22Mbps Wireless Access Point
GL2422-01 22Mbps Wireless 32-bit Cardbus PCMCIA
GL2422-VP 22Mbps Wireless 32-bit PCI Adapter
GL2411-AR 11Mbps Wireless AP Router with Print Port


Model Size Deccription
UIS1400-A 4-port SOHO Router with Print & Com Port
UIS1400-A Print
UIS1400-A9 4-port VPN/Firewall Router with Print Port
UIS1400-C8 Broadband 4-Port Switch Router


Model Size Deccription
1-Port 30W High Power at/af PoE Injector
UPE5600-IM 1-Port 19W 10/100Mbps PoE Injector
UPE5602-RT 2-port PoE (Power over Ethernet ) Repeater
UPE5600-HIT 1-port High Power PoE Injector
UPE5600-HST 1-port High Power PoE Splitter
Print Server
Model Size Deccription
UPS1211-M2 USB Multi-Function Print Server


10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (English)
10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (Deutsch)
10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (France)
10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (Italian)
10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (Spanish)
10/100M 1-USB Port Print Server (Chinese)
Model Size Deccription
VoIP Internet Telephony Gateway
KVM Switch
Model Size Deccription
UKS8102-P2B 2-Port KVM Switch with two 1.2m Cables ( Audio Optional )
UKS8202-U2C 2-port USB Cable KVM Switch bundled with KVM Cables and QuickSwitch button
IKS8104-D4T Bundled wiht 3 x USB + 1 x PS/2 KVM 1.8m Cables

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